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# remaster

for testing ...
in restructure at the moment ...

# Description
The aim of this Project is to create a deamon for a server,
wich update live systems.
You should only have to install the modules for different OS/Live-Projects.
It also set the right network settings (Proxy, DNS, ...)
and will be extendible wit PXE menue.
additional: Web Interface (Create/Change/Deltete Jobs; Download Latest Isos; Start/Stop PXE Server)

This script updates/change Live Linux CDs
(At the moment only Ubuntu/Debian; Desinfect15,16)
# ToDo
* general struktur
* split into mudules
* more OS
* make it mor felexible
* ... (look at issues)

Perhaps this will be split in parts and an config file in /etc/remaster/ controls it ...
# At the Moment
* Ubuntu/Debian
* Desinfect17
* no config file (all setings in skript header)