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Anita Zhang a63932778c
Merge pull request #14910 from whot/wip/install-input-id-hwdb
4 days ago
.github github: remove direct paypal link 2 weeks ago
.lgtm/cpp-queries lgtm: complain about accept() [people should use accept4() instead, due to O_CLOEXEC] 10 months ago
.mkosi mkosi: add fdisk-devel, openssl-devel, libpwquality-devel, p11kit-devel and efsck to build 3 weeks ago
catalog catalog: update Polish translation 7 months ago
coccinelle tree-wide: use empty-to-root a bit more 7 months ago
docs Change all fuzzing links to point to OSS-Fuzz site 6 days ago
factory/etc home: add pam_systemd_home.so PAM hookup 3 weeks ago
hwdb.d hwdb.d: actually install the 60-input-id.hwdb 4 days ago
man man: tmpfiles.d: z/Z ignore the argument 6 days ago
modprobe.d Add SPDX license headers to various assorted files 2 years ago
network network: set AlternativeNamesPolicy= in 99-default.link 2 months ago
po l10n: update Ukrainian translation 2 weeks ago
presets presets: "disable" all passive targets by default 2 weeks ago
rules.d udev: don't import parent ID_FS_ data on partitions 1 month ago
semaphoreci ci: add new dependencies to CI 3 weeks ago
shell-completion portablectl: add --now and --enable to attach/detach 2 weeks ago
src systemd: Fix busctl crash on aarch64 when setting output table format 1 week ago
sysctl.d sysctl: set ipv4 settings in a race-free way 2 weeks ago
sysusers.d sysusers,tmpfiles: re-create systemd-network, systemd-resolve and systemd-timesync 1 year ago
test Merge pull request #14833 from kpfleming/multiple-ipv6token-addresses 1 week ago
tmpfiles.d tmpfiles: apply ACLs to top-level journal directory in /run, too 3 weeks ago
tools chromiumos: sync auto suspend rules with chromeos commit e348a229bacc3 2 weeks ago
travis-ci ci: pass max_total_time to libFuzzer 6 days ago
units units: drop OnFailure= from .target units 2 weeks ago
xorg scripts: use 4 space indentation 10 months ago
.ctags editors: Prevent ctags from following symlinks 1 year ago
.dir-locals.el scripts: use 4 space indentation 10 months ago
.editorconfig scripts: use 4 space indentation 10 months ago
.gitattributes git: indicate that tabs are never OK in the systemd tree 6 years ago
.gitignore gitignore: add nspawn image lock and mkosi temporary files 1 year ago
.lgtm.yml lgtm: use the system version of meson 2 weeks ago
.mailmap mailmap: update 3 months ago
.travis.yml travis: add missing closing quote sign 3 months ago
.vimrc scripts: use 4 space indentation 10 months ago
.ycm_extra_conf.py ycm: add doc string for all the functions in configuration file 2 years ago
LICENSE.GPL2 relicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions) 7 years ago
LICENSE.LGPL2.1 licence: remove references to old FSF address 7 years ago
Makefile build-sys: Fix Makefile wrapper for install target (#6548) 2 years ago
NEWS NEWS: add contributors for v245 2 weeks ago
README Revert "Drop dbus activation stub service" 2 months ago
README.md minor: avoid double title 2 months ago
TODO Fix typo in function name 2 weeks ago
azure-pipelines.yml Free up some resources on Azure Pipelines 7 months ago
configure build-sys: add basic support for ./configure && make && make install 2 years ago
fuzzbuzz.yaml ci: add new dependencies to CI 3 weeks ago
meson.build meson: bump version numbers for v245 2 weeks ago
meson_options.txt meson: update efi path detection to gnu-efi-3.0.11 2 weeks ago
mkosi.build mkosi: let's update the boot loader also in /efi 1 year ago
mkosi.default mkosi: create .mkosi directory 3 years ago
zanata.xml po: add basic fedora.zanata.org configuration 2 years ago



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General information about systemd can be found in the systemd Wiki.

Information about build requirements is provided in the README file.

Consult our NEWS file for information about what's new in the most recent systemd versions.

Please see the Hacking guide for information on how to hack on systemd and test your modifications.

Please see our Contribution Guidelines for more information about filing GitHub Issues and posting GitHub Pull Requests.

When preparing patches for systemd, please follow our Coding Style Guidelines.

If you are looking for support, please contact our mailing list or join our IRC channel.

Stable branches with backported patches are available in the stable repo.